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THE SCHOOL RULE BOOK applies to all students. It is one of the essential documents the students receive electronically upon admission. This document includes: the artistic and pedagogical program; detailed course descriptions and explanations of the teaching methods we use; an outline of the academic year; all information about what is required to be part of ESACs program of study; information about attendance; methods of disciplinary action; the schedule of presentations and exams (as well as information about what happens in case a student requests to postpone an exam); the conditions of admission and the deadline to sign up for exams and juries; conditions under which a student’s application for exams and juries can be refused; what kind of performance entails a “pass”and what kind a “fail”; the relative values of different aspects of academic performance as concerns grades; the composition of the juries and the way in which they function; and the way in which inter-institutional credits are evaluated (VAE).

download the school rule book 2021-2022

THE VADE MECUM applies to all persons affiliated with ESAC: students, professors, guest lecturers, interns, former students who come to ESAC for free training 1, and administrative and technical staff. It outlines information about the use of space and material; responsibilities and guidelines that apply to all affiliates; proper clean-up; access to the studios; hygiene rules; and the policy of respect towards procedures and material in use at the school.

between classes

THE STUDENT LOUNGE is a space for relaxation. It is equipped with a kitchen, refrigerators, and tables and chairs, so it is perfect for snacks or meals. Eating frequently is essential to acrobatic training, so the breaks between classes are organized so as to facilitate regular and proper nutrition. ESAC does not organize lunch, so each student is responsible for bringing his or her own.

The student lounge is also equipped with computers and a wifi network. There is also a relaxation corner with a couch, a water fountain, and an ice machine so that students can ice injuries at their leisure.

The students are responsible for the state of their space and handle its upkeep themselves.

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STUDENT SHOWERS AND LOCKER ROOMS are located in the basement. Students can use the lockers to store their street clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other personal items. Students must provide their own locks.

student co-operation

Every student belongs to the student council. Each year, they elect representatives to sit on the various decision-making bodies at ESAC. These bodies are:

  • the option council
  • the educational management council
  • the social council

The student viewpoint is heard during meetings which their representatives attend. The minutes of these meetings are communicated to the students electronically after being approved by the responsible body.

internal communication

Every member of the ESAC community has a email address. We use google apps as a virtual hard-drive, email client and shared calendar. This openly transparent internal communication is broken off once students leave ESAC.

Schedules are communicated through a series of electronic calendars which track classes, spaces, or individuals. Schedules are posted each week on the bulletin board, and information parallel to the educational program (the arrival of exchange students and interns, shows to see in the neighbourhood, not-to-be-missed circus moments…) are posted on an electronic screen.

ESAC provides free internet access2, provided it is used for communication purposes pertinent to the program of studies. Facebook and other social media are for private purposes and therefore do not fall under the category of approved usage.

student initiatives

OPEN STAGES are an opportunity for students to test material, or to present work which would not fit in the normal school framework. These evenings are organized by students 3 or 4 times per year. The preparation of these presentations is done in the students’free time.

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academic calendar

occasion dates
First day of school 13 september 2021.
French-Speaking Community Day sunday 27 september 2021.
Autumn Break (All Saints’Day) from 1 to 5 november 2021.
11 November Commemoration Day 11 november 2021.
Winter Break 27 December 2020 – 7 January 2022.
Rest Week (Carnival): 28 february from 4 march 2022.
Spring Break 4 April 2022 – 18 April 2022.
May Day 1 May 2022.
Feast of the Ascension 26 may 2022.
Pentecost Monday 6 june 2022.